A Prince of Nowhere

Stories about nothing for no one at all

I’m Still Here

I know how you feel,

So I won’t come around.

You’ll hate all these words,

so I’ll write them all down.

You’ll forget I’m alive;

I’ll pretend that I’m dead.

You’ll find who you are,

while I lie here in bed.

You’ll conquer the world,

I see that you will.

Hold on to your love

And hold on to the thrill.

I’ll miss you I swear,

But to that, pay no mind.

As long as you’re happy,

I’ll be left behind.

Forget if you like;

I swear it’s okay.

But I can’t take your hate

When I love you this way.

You Drove Off

Voyage with me.

If you find yourself feeling like a face in a crowd, a drop a of water in the ocean, think about the extent of the universe as we know it thus far. Think about it’s vastness and the rarity of life within it. We are all special simply for being alive. 

You’ll be dead soon enough.

I’ll like to look at the hills beneath a sunset, and imagine them as the waves of a great ocean, frozen in time by the chill of the night settling in. 


For the love of Indie Rock.

We tried really hard. 

A Take Away Show